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Dwight McIntosh is a professional keyboardist whose skills cover a wide range of abilities including live performance, session musician, piano/music educator, composer, arranger, producer, and sound designer. His dream of becoming a musician began with classical piano and music theory lessons at age 5, then took off when he started correspondence studies through programs offered by the Royal School of Music and Trinity College of London where he obtained honors diplomas in piano performance as well as music theory. His education continued with Jazz Mobile in New York where he studied Jazz piano with Sharon Freeman and arranging with Mickey Bass. Dwight’s acceptance into the BPS Interdisciplinary Music Studies program with Berklee College of Music provides him with a solid and diverse education.

Dwight has had the opportunity to work with many world-renowned musicians including Gerald Veasley (Smooth Jazz bassist), Kim Waters (Smooth Jazz saxophonist), Frankie McIntosh (pianist/keyboardist and arranger), Bobby Lyle (Smooth Jazz Keyboardist/Pianist) and the late Wilby Fletcher (drummer). He has also toured with Caribbean recording artists such as Shadow, Arrow, Becket, and Sparrow. He currently works with many local artists and musicians. Dwight has performed at venues such as the Apollo, the Kimmel Center, the Lincoln Center, the World Cafe, and various festivals. He has performed for former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Funk of Newark, DE. Dwight is a well respected musician and performer who has obtained the appreciation of many recording studios and colleges.

Dwight enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with his students. He uses music as a tool to express his most inner thoughts and feelings. He states, “Music is the only voice I have that can express every aspect of my being.”

If you would like to get signed up for lessons with Dwight, please pre-register on our 'Music Lessons' page!

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