Vic Firth Corpsmaster Iain Moyer Signature Marimba Mallets are multi-tonal, so they sound harder when you swing harder. Play at a low dynamic, and the M270s will sound medium soft. Put more energy behind the note and it will become brighter! Synthetic yarn wrapping is impervious to the elements and will last an entire season or more. Color-coded stitching at the top of each mallet head helps you know which is which at a glance. 17" long birch handles provide excellent rigidity for accuracy.

Ian Moyer Signature Keyboard Mallet Medium-Soft to Medium

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  • Multi-Tonal - Brighter When Played Louder Rigid Birch Handles for Accuracy Synthetic, Durable Yarn Wrapping 17" Long Color-Coded Stitching for Easy Recognition
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