This Innovative Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series Mallet is the CL-X2 and has a 1" Soft Synthetic top weighted core. This Orange core will be medium soft with a light and quick feel in the player's hands. The rattan handle finds a nice balance between flex and firmness in feel.

Innovative worked closely with Chris Lamb to develop this line of mallets to meet the unique timbre possibilities that the xylophone can create. Each model in this series is weighted and balanced for optimal feel and sound. The Xylophone has a wide swath of musical potential from comically clever to powerhouse presence sometimes needed in a concert hall. The Chris Lamb Series is designed to bring all these elements into the players performance.

Innovative Chris Lamb CL-X2 Medium Soft Synthetic Xylophone Mallets

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    • Orange 1" medium soft rubber core
    • Hand selected rattan handle