Promark System Blue DV4 Diversity Series Hard Marimba Mallets are a perfect choice for a crisp and clear attack in the high register during articulate or colorful passages. The mallet has a latex-wrapped synthetic head with a nylon-wool blend yarn tightly wrapped around. 16 1/2" Length

As the name implies, the System Blue Diversity Series has been designed by The Blue Devils percussion staff to be a diverse line of mallets for indoor or outdoor percussion. The eight mallets in this line were created to cater a variety of players and educators by featuring four graduated vibraphone mallets and four graduated marimba mallets designed for use on synthetic marimbas as well as rosewood! This line is perfect for ensembles seeking clarity, articulation, and a mallet than can hold up to any musical demand while still maintaining a true, fundamental tone from the keyboard.

Promark System Blue Diversity Series DV4 Hard Marimba Mallets

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