Vic Firth Carter Beauford Signature drumsticks have a 5B shaft, a long taper , and an oval bead that helps get the tastiest sounds and licks out of your drums and cymbals - just listen to his drumming on any Dave Matthews Band album and you'll get the idea. For a long time, these sticks were only offered with yellow VicGrip on the butts. Hundreds of drummers clamored about wanting the same response and balance without the feel of the grip, and this is the answer - au natural! Length: 16" Diameter: 0.595"

Vic Firth Carter Beauford Signature Series Drum Sticks Wood

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  • Strong, Responsive Hickory Long Tapers Oval Beads Length: 16" Diameter: 0.595" Identical To Originals, Without VicGrip