Made from Hickory , the Billy Club features a wide acorn tip designed to get a lot of sound out of the head while preventing head damage. These sticks are also shorter than your typical snare stick, making it easier to move around the drums. Billy Clubs are made with a unique shaft that suddenly thickens right at the hand's fulcrum point - the idea is for the thumb and pointer finger to still have full, nuanced control of the stick, while the rest of the shaft conforms more naturally to the shape of the back fingers. A heavier front end also helps increase rebound and makes the stick last longer against rimshot damage. As of November 2012, Vic Firth redesigned the Billy Club with Hickory rather than Sta-Pac, which makes it lighter, gives it a better rimshot sound, and costs less for you!

Vic Firth Corpsmaster Bill Bachman "Billy Club" Tenor Stick

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  • Strong, Responsive Hickory Short Tapers Teardrop Beads Length: 15 13/16" Diameter: 0.725" Ergonomically-Designed Shaft