The Vic Firth Robert van Sice Series feature two different lines of mallets: Mono-Tonal and Multi-Tonal. The M124 is the medium mallet in the Multi-Tonal line, featuring synthetic cores that allow performers to brighten or darken the sound based on the speed of the stroke. The M124 uses maple shafts for control at large intervals, allowing the control of a wooden shaft, but with a little more give than birch, with yarn that provides full bar sound with minimal contact noise. The Robert van Sice Multi-Tonal marimba mallets are designed for Japanese marimba repertoire, which often requires players to use mallets that can produce bright and dark sounds depending on the velocity of stroke. The M124 provide a great general multi-tonal mallet, being hard enough to span the range of the marimba without becoming too harsh, while still allowing cutting bright tones when needed.

Vic Firth Robert van Sice Signature Mallets Maple Medium

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  • Extra-Long Maple Shafts Heavy Synthetic Core for Multiple Timbres Designed for Japanese and Multi-Timbral Literature Minimal Contact Noise Full Bar Sound Made for Japanese/Multi-Timbral Lit