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Powered loudspeakers with a built-in mixer, Bluetooth and Smart Stereo capability.

Harbinger VARI Live V3412 powered speakers include a built-in mixer with Bluetooth audio and Smart Stereo capability for versatile amplification of up to five inputs at once, including microphones, guitars and multiple stereo sources. PEEK Performance is achieved through significant upgrades to the three most critical sound-delivery components: a PEEK tweeter for smooth yet detailed high frequencies, a gas-assist cabinet delivering well-balanced and articulate mid-range frequencies with an expansive stereo image, plus an XR woofer for well-controlled, extended low frequencies. You can also customize the DSP-optimized sound as you control and configure your VARI using the free VARI Series app for iOS, iPadOS and Android.


Versatile Built-in Stereo Mixer

VARI 3400 speakers have a versatile stereo mixer built right in, with all inputs available at once. Solo and small group musicians can plug in a couple of mics or instruments, along with stereo keyboard or electronics, and still have AUX and Bluetooth input as well. You can also easily connect your own mixer to the high-quality balanced stereo line inputs. And now there's even a CHARGE jack to supply up to 2.1 amps of power for your USB-standard devices.


Wireless Stereo Linking

When Bluetooth audio is all you want to amplify—and you want to avoid using audio cables—VARI 3400 speakers allow wireless stereo linking. A pair of V3412 speakers will act as a left-right pair, both receiving audio from the same smartphone, laptop or other Bluetooth audio source, with no audio cables required.


Five DSP Voicings

Selectable voicings instantly configure sound-optimizing DSP for common applications. Choose from Standard, Club, Speech and Floor Monitor options, plus a Custom voicing you can set using the VARI Series app. Bass and Treble knobs then let you further adjust that sound for your individual preferences. A SUB CUT feature makes it easy to use MIX OUT to feed a subwoofer, while providing the ideal crossover between the V3412 and the subwoofer. Plus, a high-precision, transparent DSP limiter automatically protects your VARI speaker from audio overload.

Harbinger VARI V3412 12" Powered 2-Way Loudspeaker

SKU: 1581549
This item is currently out of stock, but typically will arrive within 5-7 business days of your order.
    • Upgraded sound quality with PEEK Performance
    • 4 DSP Voicings: Standard, Live Band, Vocal Boost, Floor Monitor/Wall
    • 3 Positions: Can be used on Speaker Stand, as Floor Monitor, or Free-Standing
    • Freq Response: 40Hz-20KHz
    • High Peak Power: 2000 Watts
    • Max Output SPL: 128dB
    • Custom Speakers: 12″ Low Frequency Driver + High Fidelity Compression Tweeter

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