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Student Ability Level

Benefits of Music Lessons

According to the National Association for Music Education there are many supplemental benefits to learning a musical instrument. 

Emotional Development - Students of music are more emotionally developed, have higher self-esteem, and are better at coping with stress. 

Communication Skills - With a music education, students are more likely to develop better communication skills

SAT Scores - Student musicians tend to score higher on the SAT. 

Having that one-on-one time with an instructor allows the opportunity to teach at the student’s pace. The instructor is able to customize a lesson plan based on the ability level, age and interests of the students. Private lessons help young musicians understand HOW to practice and can help motivate them to WANT to practice. 

In a classroom or ensemble setting, the student may not get the attention they need for them to understand what is being asked of them. Having that weekly lesson to supplement what they learn in class/rehearsal will help the student reach a level of achievement that they can be proud of when performing. 

Why J.K. Percussion & Arts?

J.K. Percussion & Arts strives for excellence in education and customer service. We do everything we can to ensure everyone has a very personalized experience based on their needs and goals. 

Over the last 12 years, Jason has inspired hundreds of students. Seeing the difference he was making in the area with young percussionists, he wanted to find a place to call home, giving his students an even better educational experience and more opportunities for growth and success. 

Regardless of what the student's goals are, J.K. Percussion & Arts can help them achieve them. It is much more than just learning to play an instrument. It is about the process of learning and working hard to reach a level of excellence one might not have thought is possible and the satisfaction that comes with it. This is something students can apply to their everyday lives. 

Meet the Founder

Jason Keller
Jason Keller

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