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Jonathan is a composer, guitarist, and artistic creator. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in music composition, and currently works teaching guitar lessons. Additionally, Jonathan is a member of the Baltimore Ravens Marching Band Drumline, and was formerly the lead arranger and lead conductor for the University of Delaware 8-Bit Orchestra.

When he is not teaching lessons, Jonathan performs guitar works or focuses on his composition projects - from percussive acoustic guitar songs to more formal, traditional western art pieces. While he is a fan of a large variety of genres and styles, Jonathan's favorite mediums range from progressive rock, soundtracks, jazz, flamenco, hip hop, and metal. 

His main goal is to inspire students, helping them to find their passion and optimize their abilities, cultivating a sense of independence, confidence, and most importantly, fulfillment. 

In his free time, Jonathan is also a developing freelance web designer and enjoys traveling whenever possible.

If you would like to get signed up for lessons with Jonathan, please pre-register on our 'Music Lessons' page!

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